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Saturday, April 10, 2004  11:21 am:

Firefighter Union bosses used scare tactics against El Segundo senior citizens, threatening that hospitals may close if their candidates are not elected.

In fact, hospitals will not close if their special-interest candidates are not elected. However, if they are elected, residents could be forced to pay hospital transport fees to fund the huge fire department pay increases.

They sent a letter on Fire Union letterhead dated 4/9/04, signed by all three Union bosses, to El Segundo seniors threatening that if they don't vote for Eric Busch, Sandy Jacobs, and Bill Fisher for City Council, hospitals may be closed and there may not be emergency service in El Segundo when needed!

They stated, "That equates to the possibility of our paramedics not being available when you need them."

In fact, the opposite is true. Hospitals are more likely to close and local emergencies services become unavailable BECAUSE OF the Fire Union bosses endorsements. They drain the city's treasury through noncompetitive excessive compensation provided by those they endorsed, leaving less money available to support needed emergency services.

And they support candidates who encourage massive illegal immigration with incentives including official State Driver Licenses and free College Tuition. Massive illegal immigration over-burdens hospitals with patients who show up at emergency rooms for basic health care and don't pay the bill.

As one example, the Police and Fire Union bosses endorsed and supported George Nakano for State Assembly in 2002, although he voted only two days after the 9-11 Terrorist attack in 2001 to give official California Driver Licenses to illegal aliens. This bill, AB 60, served only one purpose: to give legal identity documents to millions of illegal aliens in California, as well as drug smuuglers, identity thieves, and terrorists.

The DMV Driver Handbook that is issued for study before you take the written driving exam states very clearly up front:

  1. The Califorina Driver License is the official identification document for the state of California; and

  3. Foreigners visiting California can drive legally using their driver license from their native country.

Thus, the Union bosses are the real threat to availability of hospitals and emergency services in El Segundo, and there is no justification for their dangerous endorsements.

Below is the actual text of their "Senior Scare Letter".

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[ red fire association logo ] El Segundo Firefighters' Association

Kevin Rehm, President


 April 9, 2004 
 El Segundo CA 90245-XXXX


Please join your El Segundo firefighters and paramedics in support of Eric Busch, Sandra Jacobs and Bill Fisher for for the El Segundo City Council. Eric Busch, Sandra Jacobs and Bill Fisher are the only three candidates who have demonstrated the leadership, determination and foresight to address the pressing emergency care issues that face our community.

To that end, a serious new challenge recently emerged: Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital is now in danger of closing, which places our entire trauma care hospital system in jeopardy.

Loosing a vital piece of our healthcare system would have a devastating impact on the citizens of El Segundo. The closure of even one hospital will overload other emergency care facilities causing the delays we are now experiencing to be even longer. That equates to the possibility of our paramedics not being available when you need them.

As El Segundo's firefighters and paramedics, we cannot stand by and let this happen.

That is one of the many reasons why we have come forward and chosen to endorse Eric Busch, Sandra Jacobs and Bill Fisher. Eric, Sandra and Bill have the natural leadership skills and determination to work hard and stop the closure of these hospitals. But more importantly, they have a plan of action to do so:

1) Work with all levels of government to vigorously fight the closure of Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital.

2) Increase your paramedic services and the availability of paramedics when you need them most.

3) Implement this system at no additional costs for taxpayers.

Eric Busch, Sandra Jacobs and Bill Fisher clearly understand what needs to happen in the future to keep you safe. That is why every single member of the El Segundo Firefighters' and Paramedics' Association endorses Eric Busch, Sandra Jacobs and Bill Fisher for City Council.

We respectfully ask you to join us -- the future of El Segundo's emergency care depends on it.



January 28th 2004:

Tenet announced plans to sell or close more than 27 hospitals in the United States, 19 in the Sothern California region, 15 in Los Angeles County! There are no guarantees that all of these hospitals wil sell and/or stay open. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital and its Emergency Room on the list.

For more info:


"... [T]here will be six million more residents in Los Angeles by the year 2025, a dramatic increase that will require 66% more acute care beds beyond what now exist in Los Angeles."

Source: Solucient Studies 2002

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